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As a results-driven marketer & multimedia developer, my passion is making an indispensable impact daily. I have contributed to numerous successful projects & boosted revenue for public figures, luxury retailers, world-class startups & nonprofits. 


"Alex is consistently ahead of the trends & he's exceptional at finding a unique voice for your company in a noisy medium."


"Alejandro combines keen attention to detail with an easy-to-work-with attitude that makes him both a go-getter and team player. Highly recommended."

"He's always bringing new ideas to the table & offers a lot of value to those he works for."

"He was very quick to put proper strategies into place. With his strong dedication & work ethic, he has been a tremendous asset to our company."


"A versatile communications pro with valuable experience in marketing strategy & content development, Mr. Vidal has demonstrated expertise in building an audience. Our online presence has improved consistently thanks to his ability to execute original ideas."

 "He quickly & successfully created an amazing social media program for the Riverside Hotel & as such has brought massive visibility to the entire Boulevard."

"He was instrumental in developing brand awareness for our products through web, video, social media & print."

"His creativity is equally matched by his technical skill & business acumen."

I build communities for causes.
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